Zero-Con Waste Water Clarification Treatment


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Water Treatment: Clarifies Water

Use For: Concrete, wet saw cutters, core driller, floor polishers, hydro demolition and ready mix producers

Compliant: Meets EPA regulations for proper disposal methods

Usage Amount: 1lb of Zero-Con can clarify 50-70 gallons of water (depending on thickness of slurry)

Usage Instructions: This proprietary blend will lower waste water pH balance. Depending on wastewater content, you may need to lower pH balance at a greater level with muriatic acid. Once pH is at desired level Zero-Con will stabilize this pH level. You will not experience fluctuating pH levels to occur.

Test Results: 100% survival rate of rainbow trout living in treated concrete slurry water for 96 hours – EPA Method 821-R-02-012

Zero-Con clarifies water immediately by separating solids from wastewater. This treatment will reduce the amount of slurry waste by removing usable water. This water can be reused back into the job site machinery with a “2”ntu rate. You may also gain inspector approval to return treated water back onto the ground or in a natural water way. No additional water filters or filtration tanks required.

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