Note: You are only purchasing the Vinyl-Con watertight container  (blue unit) on this page.

Do you need filter bags & water treatment? Click on a Vinyl-Con Set below….

Small Set: (1) Vinyl-Con (1) Lined Bag (1) Small Water Treatment

Large Set: (1) Vinyl-Con (4) Lined Bags (1) Large Water Treatment

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Container: Watertight 14mil vinyl

Framework: ¾” PVC framework

Watertight Vinyl-Con washouts are used to contain wastewater and to prevent leaching into the ground. Fast installation and reusable. Meets or exceeds EPA regulations as a preferred method of use on construction projects. Works best with filter bags and water treatment products, although can use by itself.  Comes with an easy to identify “washout” sign for contractors. Comes with storage case.


8’x10’x2’h 6cu. yds.-1200 gallons – washout uses per unit without using filter bags: 85

6’x8’x2’h 3.5cu. Yds.-700 gallons – washout uses per unit without using filter bags: 50

Recommended Use:

We recommend purchasing a Vinyl-Con Construction Washout Set if this is your first washout purchase for your project. The set will include a Vinyl-Con, filter bags and water treatment. After this initial purchase, you can then purchase replacement bags or water treatment as needed. The Vinyl-Con itself is reusable and can be used on multiple projects.

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Large Set – Vinyl-Con Construction Washout 

Small Set – Vinyl-Con Construction Washout 


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8’x10’, 6’x8’, 3’x3.5’


  1. pwsadmin

    Easy to use and affordable. I am using it again on my next project.

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