Pneumatic Conveying


RTC will work with you to develop and produce a pneumatic conveyance system that matches your specific needs. We provide the best systems that are safe, clean, efficient and productive. Pneumatic conveying is an investment today that continues to pay off for the future, designed to be expandable to handle your next facility expansion. We also offer full automation to enable you to have complete plant control.

Material Usage: Dense, semi-dense and dilute phase applications (link for each phase to a pop up page that explains each phase)

Industries Served: Automation, energy, process, chemical, manufacturing, construction and transportation

Optional Components, Parts & Accessories also offered:

  • Bag Compactors
  • Rotary airlock feeders
  • Bin vents
  • Dust collection filters
  • Level sensors
  • Pressure switches
  • Butterfly and pinch valves
  • Flow Aids


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