Lined Construction Washout Replacement Bags


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Filter Bag: Cross woven water tight lined

Use: Bag style wash out for concrete, paint, drywall mud, stucco and mortar

Lined Construction Washout Replacement Bags are used to contain wastewater and to prevent leaching into the ground. These are replacement bags only. You must purchase the Lined Construction Washout with Support ¾” pvc uprights provide rigid walls first. If needed, you may drive concrete steaks through the center of the wall upright pvc and into the ground to give extra strength to the walls. Fill bag with construction waste water and solids. When full, let water evaporate or treat water with our water treatment for same day disposal. When finished dispose of bag full of dry contents. These bags are one-time use.

Meets or exceeds EPA regulations as a preferred method of use on construction projects. Comes with an easy to identify “washout” sign for contractors.



Lined 61”’x86”’x2’h – 3.5cu. yds.-700 gallons – washout uses per bag: 70

Lined 47”x72”x2’h – 1.75cu. yds.-354 gallons – washout uses per bag: 35

Lined 17’x27”’x2’h – .35cu. yds.-70 gallons – washout uses per bag: 10

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Lined 61”’x86”’x2’h – 3.5cu. yds, Lined 47”x72”x2’h – 1.75cu. yds, Lined 17’x27”’x2’h – .35cu. yds, Lined 35’x35”x35"h – .92cu. yds


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